Rider Education is key to a safe and happy customer.

We go way beyond encouraging our customers to attend classes. We even provide incentives and host events catered specifically around Rider Education.

Rider Tips

  • One disadvantage motorcycles have compared to cars is that they’re less visible. Taking steps to increase your visibility is an important step in managing your riding risk.
  • Black has long been a popular fashion choice among Harley® riders, but sometimes dark colors can be hard to see. If bright, highly visible clothing does not suit your taste, consider adding a few well-placed pieces of reflective tape to your gear, especially at night. Harley-Davidson also offers apparel with reflective taping such as a conspicuity vest, rain gear, jackets, and caps.
  • Make sure your turn signals are working properly – and use them. In addition, consider using hand signals in situations where you want to make absolutely sure a driver knows your intentions.
  • If you want to make sure the driver behind you knows what you’re up to, consider flashing your brake light as you prepare to stop.
  • Use your horn to help draw attention to yourself when necessary. But don't rely on it or overuse it.
  • Maintaining the proper lane position is a crucial part of an effective street strategy.
  • Maintain a space cushion on all sides of your motorcycle. This helps provide adequate reaction time if evasive maneuvers are necessary. It also helps create an "escape route."
  • In general, when riding alone on a straight road most people prefer to ride in the left third of the lane. It provides you the best line of sight for the road ahead, and makes you most visible to oncoming traffic. However, always be prepared to make adjustments based on road conditions and traffic patterns.
  • Always leave a minimum of two seconds between you and the vehicle in front of you. The ideal following distance will vary depending on road conditions and other factors.

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